Effective &
data management

Fasade enables teams work smarter and more effectively while reducing carbon emissions!

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What is Fasade?

An API integration tool designed to help your team to deal with dispersed systems and avalanches of data across all of your platforms.

Securely consolidate, assess, clean and optimise your systems and data to reduce redundancy and to get the good quality data in an effective and timely manner while also reducing your carbon footprint in an entirely new way!

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Be sustainable and drive growth
with clean and optimised software and data

Fasade API integration tool delivers all the features your team needs to achieve multi-platform operational readiness and effective project execution with readily available, clean, recycled and optimised software and data.

Decision Making

Access the good quality data you need to make informed decision in a timely manner.

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Optimise for and reduce redundancy in your systems and data. Maximise utility.

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Save on
IT & Dev

Reduce your IT maintenance and development costs by paying only for what you really need.

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Save time &
Improve productivity

Scale your business and revenue growth with improved digital asset collaboration.

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Cyber risk

Gain oversight over your digital assets and automate knowledge management practices.

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Reduce your digital carbon-footprint and get certified as digitally-sustainable business.

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Connect, integrate and consolidate
your systems and data management
to take full control of your digital footprint

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Consolidated systems & data

Fasade API integration tool consolidates systems into one source truth enabling effective data management from one single place.

  • Choose and connect your existing systems and manage your digital assets from one place.

  • Monitor & organise your data and assets, assess and identify redundancy, clean and optimise for cloud storage.

Effective team collaboration

Large portion of organisational data is redundant, outdated or trivial. Fasade enables teams to save time, improve collaboration and generate more revenue with effective knowledge management.

  • Clean, compile, organise and track projects and the data and digital assets associated with the given project.

  • Identify, version control, merge data and digital assets with Fasade modular asset creation and action capture features.

Reduced carbon footprint

Fasade specialises in cloud and data-use effectivity for a simple fact that is has a direct impact on the energy efficiency. We enable businesses to positively impact the environment with something as simple as effective carbon-free data management.

  • Assess your systems and data-use effectivity and remove any obsolete, unused or duplicate assets and data.

  • Analyse your data carbon emissions, optimise your data management, reduce your carbon footprint and get Green Data Accreditation.

How it works?

Fasade is an API integration tool that sits on the top of your existing systems enabling you to oversee, manage and control your digital presence and all your assets.

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Latest News

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