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Although they both studied at UTS, Ankit and Pavel didn't meet until they joined Junior Achievement Australia. While working on projects together, they quickly realised that they were drowning in an avalanche of data - spread across different systems and cloud accounts, and littered with duplicate file and obsolete information.

Fasade's platform aims to tackle just that, structuring dark data so that is can be visualised and then utilised - sort of like the facade placed on the walls of buildings to provide structure to creepy ivy, transforming a sprawling mess into a beautiful design.

Other than creating inefficiencies throughout a business, masses of data are directly linked to energy inefficiency which negatively impact the environment. This sparked the realisation that there was a potential gap in the market our product could fill.

Our Values

Show - Don't tell

Clear and consistent communication lies at the heart of all success. A picture is well and truly worth a thousand words.


As more people take place online, we must act as stewards of the planet, and realise that digital sustainability is necessary.


We genuinely care about what we do. This means that we take pride in presenting our solutions and improvements.


We experiment often to push the frontier of what is possible, and learn quickly in an ever-changing landscape.

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