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An API tool that sits on the top of your systems that can securely clean and reduce excess data usage and data redundancy, improve cloud collaboration and project execution effectivity.


Customise your existing systems and cloud storage to fit your workflow and cloud storage needs.

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Identify, prioritise, organise and clean your systems and cloud storage to get the highest potential value. Unify and consolidate your documents and files into a single source of truth. Record interaction and strip away documents and files.

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By unifying existing systems, enhance collaboration and communication within your systems with internal or external stakeholders through action capture, version history, reminders, task allocation and content/project management.

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Save time and money

Reduction of digital clutter will help you to save time, increase your output and satisfy more customers. You will also save money on software subscriptions and cloud engineers.

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Reduce risk

Reduction of digital clutter and system optimisation can drastically reduce exposure to potential cyber attacks and loss of valuable data.

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Carbon footprint reduction

By incorporating sustainable cloud practices, removing redundant data and reducing excess storage you will reduce your carbon footprint and help to preserve the environment.

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A smart and secure way to manage your digital assets & data

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